Emotional Turmoil

WOW!! Let us talk about a turbulent few weeks and a roller coaster ride of emotions! The idea of this hike only held on by a few strands, and admittedly, I was hours from calling it quits, and canceling the entire journey. Now, just a bit of a disclaimer, I am going to start out … Continue reading Emotional Turmoil

Final Countdown

"It's not just a lighter pack that eases the load after all. It's knowing there are people that don't think walking in the woods is crazy." ** Isn't it crazy how quickly life flies by? How quickly everything we are looking for ends up on top of us; before we even know what is happening? … Continue reading Final Countdown

The Beginning

Hi everyone!! Please bear with me while I figure out this blogging thing! I have no doubt that I will mess it up some, but we will figure it out! The first few posts will be about my mindset for the trail and the reasons why I am doing it. See you all soon!!